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Innovation, Reliable Quality, Focus on Customer Services


Care and Maintenance


Caring for the Scissors and ShearsCare and maintenance are extremely important for scissors long life and performance. Therefore we strongly recommend adhering to the instructions given below.


Use a soft cloth , completely clean your Cuts & Cuts shears and blades after every cut. This will minimize build-up of chemicals and debris, which may otherwise badly affect the performance of your shears throughout the workday. At the end of the day ensure that your shears are completely dry between the blades.


After cleaning and drying the scissors open the blades at an angle of 90 degrees and put 2-3 drops of shears oil in the pivot area in order to remove the dust and debris developed due to usage. Oiling the scissors ensures friction-free working and protects the shears from rust. Remember to lubricate at least once a working day.

Balancing (Adjusting Tension)

Cuts & Cuts shears come up with well tested balance between the blades however due to continuous usage it becomes necessary to adjust the tension between the blades whenever needed depending upon the frequency of use. We usually recommend shears with real screws, however some clients prefer to have adjustable set screws. In case of adjustable set screws never let the screws be too loose because this will cause hair folding during cutting or too tight because this will cause extra damage to the blades of the scissors and fatigue to the user.


Always store the scissors in the blister, case or pouch provided by Cuts & Cuts when they are not in use rather than keeping them openly over the shelf or in drawers. By doing this the scissors will be protected from accidental damage.


Like all other tools and equipment, scissors also wear out with continuous usage and therefore need service and sharpening from time to time depending upon the frequency of use every day. Always turn to an expert sharpening service provider for proper sharpening.

General Guidelines for all other tools

Always use a tool for the purpose it is made for. Always clean with a soft cloth, dry any moisture on them and lubricate to avoid rust. Avoid dropping off the tool and in case of damage fix the damage before using.

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