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Innovation, Reliable Quality, Focus on Customer Services


Covid-19 Response Products and Services


Response Products/Services

We constantly work on improving our product quality and product offerings based on the customer demand and market response. In Order to play our active role in fighting against novel coronavirus Covid-19 we have offered the following new products to our valuable clients.

Non-Woven Fabric Face Masks:

We have started producing non-woven fabric facemasks in response to fighting against Covid 19. They are 3 layered and can be customized to different colors and sizes. We can make a pack of 12, a box of 50 or 100 pieces depending on the customer’s demand and a private label can also be done.

Cotton and Neoprene Masks

We can also provide cotton made face masks which are fumigated for protection from germs. They are washable and usable for multiple times. Available in different colors and sizes according to client’s needs. Neoprene masks are of rubberized material which offer extra protection from the germs.

Personal Care Kit

Most of the countries in the world have imposed lock down due to Covid-19 in order to reduce the spread of the infection therefore it was highly important to do personal care and grooming at home. For this reason we have launched a personal care kit for grooming at home which mainly includes a hair cutting scissors, thinning scissors, hair comb , nail cutter and a shaving razor as well. Further customization is also possible as per customers’ needs.


Please note that these masks are for general purpose use as per recommendation of different authorities and may not be used for medical purposes. They are used as a first step of precautionary measure and we assume no responsibility as such for sickness of anyone.

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