Innovation, Reliable Quality, Focus on Customer Services

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Innovation, Reliable Quality, Focus on Customer Services


Material Information


Our barber scissors and shears are made of high quality stainless steel which further have a few more categories that offer flexibility to the clients to choose according to their needs and target market.

AISI-440 C Stainless Steel, Rockwell HRC 58-60

AISI-420 or J2 Stainless Steel, Rockwell HRC 56-58

High Carbon Stainless Steel , Rockwell HRC 54-56

  • Or we can even produce scissors made of cobalt depending upon the customers’ demand and affordability.

  • Please note that the higher the Rockwell HRC of the steel the more durable are edges of the scissors. So we highly recommend working with 440 C Stainless Steel Scissors nevertheless the customer has the final choice.

  • Other tools like tweezers, beauty care scissors, cuticle and nail nippers are made of either surgical steel or carbon steel depending upon the customer demand. However these are the most frequently used materials.

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